Malmö has a long history well integrated with modern life and immigration has made Malmö a multicultural centre. Malmö is famous for its parks, make sure you have a stroll in at least some of them, before you leave. You will find out it was very worthwhile.. The Western Harbour is a new - and very chic - district of Malmö, situated by the sea, and build on the former port and industrial land.. Stortorget - Lilla Torg - Gustav Adolf Torg and Möllevångstorget. Malmö Arena is the latest addition to northern Europe’s growing number of modern, multi-purpose concert and event venues...Malmö Arena is the latest addition to northern Europe’s growing number of modern, multi-purpose Hockey and event venues...Several interesting old buildings have been preserved in the very centre of Malmö...

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2018-12-05 18:08 | The Local

For Öresund commuters, Europe's priciest rail tickets just got pricier

||listimage||Commuters from Malmö to Copenhagen are up in arms over being hit by a near ten percent fare hike on what was already the most exp...
2018-12-04 16:00 | SR - Sveriges Radio

As government talks inch along, disabled rights movement waits for change

||listimage||Markus Pettersson (right) and Anitra Ikonen at the demonstration in Stockholm.Lyssna: As government talks inch along, disabled rig...
2018-12-03 10:44 | The Local

Teenager shot at Malmö pizzeria

||listimage||A 16-year-old boy was shot and injured in a pizzeria in Malmö on Sunday evening, the second shooting in six months to hit the cen...
2018-12-03 09:15 | The Local

Malmö Lunch: Delicious curries and and Punjabi specials at Indian restaurant

||listimage||From the British curry staple Chicken Tikka Masala to Punjabi rarities like pani puri and samosa chaat, The Masala Box is the real...
2018-11-30 16:23 | The Local

Nine from Sweden arrested for murder in Spain

||listimage||Nine people were arrested in Malmö, Sweden, and Málaga, Spain, this week as a result of a collaboration between Swedish and Span...
2018-11-28 08:35 | The Local

Malmö Liberals join Social Democrats in city coalition

||listimage||The Liberal Party has broken with its Alliance partners in Malmö to join the Social Democrats in coalition, after members on Tues...
2018-11-27 16:05 | The Local

Taxpayer-funded housing is 'all-inclusive resort' for Malmö criminals: report

||listimage||A programme designed to help criminals transition to becoming productive members of society served more like an ?all-inclusive? re...
2018-11-26 09:30 | The Local

Malmö Lunch: Tava, cevapi and gulasch at Burek House

||listimage||Balkan bureks are probably the strongest contender to topple falafel rolls as Malmö's favourite cheap eat. But at Burek Hous...
2018-11-23 11:49 | The Local

Meet the startup veteran hired to digitize Malmö

||listimage||The city of Malmö has hired the founder of a streaming app to lead its new tech team. The Local met him to find out whether a sta...
2018-11-22 15:08 | The Local

Malmö police slammed for plan to target gang relatives

||listimage||The Swedish Bar Association has sharply criticized Malmö Police for a new plan to come down hard on the relatives of suspected ga...
2018-11-20 17:14 | SR - Sveriges Radio

More children in Malmö becoming homeless

||listimage||Social Democrat Sedat Arif.Lyssna: Homeless childrenHomelessness is often equated with mental illness and addiction but for a gro...
2018-11-19 15:51 | The Local

Malmö teen fined over graduation slut shaming

||listimage||A Swedish school leaver has been ordered to pay 10,000 kronor ($1,112) in damages to a female pupil he described using a sexually ...
2018-11-19 07:18 | The Local

Malmö Lunch: Khoresh and kebab at Restaurang Tehran

||listimage||Ystadsgatan, the street running along one side of Malmö's Möllevången Square, now boasts three competing Persian restauran...
2018-11-16 19:05 | The Local

#MySweden: 'Malmö is a beating heart of food culture, arts and innovation'

||listimage||The Local's readers take over our Instagram account to introduce each other to towns and neighbourhoods across Sweden. Today,...
2018-11-16 11:41 | The Local

Police release footage of Malmö rape suspect

||listimage||Police in Malmö have released pictures of the man they suspect of raping a woman in the city's central Möllevången Square ...
2018-11-15 15:22 | The Local

Three men seized for Malmö cyber café shooting

||listimage||A Malmö prosecutor has called for three young men to be held in pre-trial detention over this summer's drive-by shooting at ...
2018-11-12 06:59 | The Local

Malmö Lunch: Idli, vadai and dosa at The South Indian

||listimage||It can't have been hard to land a job in Sweden for Suresh Kumar, the chef at Malmö's newly-opened The South Indian, as...
2018-11-09 16:38 | The Local

Malmö sees four shooting incidents in 24 hours

||listimage||Malmö's tit-for-tat gang war looks to have flared into life again with four shootings in less than 24 hours and one young ma...
2018-11-09 13:57 | The Local

Malmö 'street artist' Dan Parks jailed again for hate crimes

||listimage||The Malmö-based provocateur Dan Park has been sentenced to three months in jail for hate crimes, after tweets in which he used t...
2018-11-09 12:28 | SR - Sveriges Radio

One person resigns following SSU scandal

||listimage||SSU march.Lyssna: One person resigns following SSU scandalThe controversy surrounding the Social Democrats' youth wing SSU in Skå...
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