Malmö has a long history well integrated with modern life and immigration has made Malmö a multicultural centre. Malmö is famous for its parks, make sure you have a stroll in at least some of them, before you leave. You will find out it was very worthwhile.. The Western Harbour is a new - and very chic - district of Malmö, situated by the sea, and build on the former port and industrial land.. Stortorget - Lilla Torg - Gustav Adolf Torg and Möllevångstorget. Malmö Arena is the latest addition to northern Europe’s growing number of modern, multi-purpose concert and event venues...Malmö Arena is the latest addition to northern Europe’s growing number of modern, multi-purpose Hockey and event venues...Several interesting old buildings have been preserved in the very centre of Malmö...

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2018-10-02 10:32 | The Local

How Malmö uses skating to revamp public spaces: 'It's leagues ahead of everyo

||listimage||The Swedish city of Malmö has been a pioneer in using skateboarding as a way to revitalize dead public spaces. The Local looks at...
2018-10-02 09:48 | The Local

Fake banknotes in circulation in southern Sweden

||listimage||Three separate fast-food restaurants in Malmö caught customers attempting to pay with fake 500 kronor notes ($55), with one, in t...
2018-10-01 16:14 | The Local

Talks over Malmö centrist coalition crash and burn

||listimage||Both the Centre and the Liberal Parties have dropped out of talks over a centrist coalition in Malmö, after the Social Democrats ...
2018-09-28 20:51 | The Local

Malmö families bunch together to fight school segregation

||listimage||When the Malmö artist Ellisif Hals and her partner Jakob Simonson moved to Gamla Rosengård, a middle-class area of desirable vil...
2018-09-26 20:06 | The Local

Yuck factor: Disgusting Food Museum to open in Malmö

||listimage||Which is worse, the stomach-churning stench of Sweden's fermented herring, the rotting-flesh reek of a Thai Durian fruit, or ...
2018-09-26 08:11 | The Local

The Malmö film-maker who spent 15-years following local rapper Leslie Tay

||listimage||Malmö-based film-maker Stefan Berg has spent 15 years following the life of the rapper and RnB artist Leslie Tay, starting when h...
2018-09-25 11:12 | The Local

Malmö police drop probes into high-profile rapes

||listimage||Police in Malmö have dropped their investigations into three out of the four alleged gang rapes which made world headlines last D...
2018-09-22 08:15 | The Local

Malmö residents harassed by Folkets Park drug pushers

||listimage||Pushers openly selling drugs in broad daylight, children's playgrounds used for punishment beatings and drug storage, and loc...
2018-09-21 11:12 | SR - Sveriges Radio

Autumn's first storm to lash southeast coast

||listimage||File photo from a storm in Malmö.Lyssna: Autumn's first storm barrels down on southeast coastStorm Knud has people in Västra Gö...
2018-09-21 08:21 | The Local

British comedies compete on the Malmö stage

||listimage||There are two British comedy shows on the Malmö stage simultaneously this week. Do people in Skåne have more of a British sense ...
2018-09-20 09:21 | The Local

Man accidentally reveals hidden gun after lighting a cigarette

||listimage||A man was seized by police in Malmö's Möllevången square on Wednesday after he revealed a hidden pistol when raising his a...
2018-09-19 14:15 | SR - Sveriges Radio

Swimmers in Skåne enjoy the last throes of summer

||listimage||Herman, Molly and grandpa Rolf Bårdskär on the jetty by Ribersborg beach in Malmö.Lyssna: Swimmers in skåne enjoy the last thr...
2018-09-18 12:06 | The Local

'We need examples': Malmö founder on female-led startups

||listimage||Malmö startup incubator Minc is committed to getting more women into the city's startup world. The Local went to its Nordic ...
2018-09-17 10:58 | The Local

'Classical music attracts everyone, even gangsters'

||listimage||MY SWEDISH CAREER: Justina Auskelyte is Malmo?'s Violinist on a Bike. Not that such a job ever existed ? but the Lithuanian c...
2018-09-17 08:25 | The Local

Shots fired at home in Malmö suburb

||listimage||Police were called out to investigate after shots were fired at a home in Malmö on Sunday....
2018-09-13 17:44 | The Local

Actor falls for real in Malmö version of The Play That Goes Wrong

||listimage||The lead actor in the Swedish production of The Play That Goes Wrong was rushed to intensive care on Wednesday after he fell durin...
2018-09-13 15:42 | The Local

Malmö's commuter-belt Moderates back talks with populists

||listimage||The Moderate party mayors of three wealthy municipalities near Malmö have called for the party to enter into discussions with the...
2018-09-13 12:07 | SR - Sveriges Radio

Turnout up, especially in low-voting areas

||listimage||The area of Malmö where Zlatan comes from is also the place with the lowest turnout in Sweden.Lyssna: Turnout up, especially in l...
2018-09-13 08:08 | The Local

Dalai Lama: 'Europe belongs to the Europeans'

||listimage||The Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, told an audience in Malmö that refugees should return to their native countries to ...
2018-09-12 09:55 | SR - Sveriges Radio

Dalai lama visits Sweden

||listimage||The Dalai Lama visits Malmö.Lyssna: Dalai lama visits SwedenThe Dalai lama's visit comes in connection with the 80th anniversary ...
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