Malmö has a long history well integrated with modern life and immigration has made Malmö a multicultural centre. Malmö is famous for its parks, make sure you have a stroll in at least some of them, before you leave. You will find out it was very worthwhile.. The Western Harbour is a new - and very chic - district of Malmö, situated by the sea, and build on the former port and industrial land.. Stortorget - Lilla Torg - Gustav Adolf Torg and Möllevångstorget. Malmö Arena is the latest addition to northern Europe’s growing number of modern, multi-purpose concert and event venues...Malmö Arena is the latest addition to northern Europe’s growing number of modern, multi-purpose Hockey and event venues...Several interesting old buildings have been preserved in the very centre of Malmö...

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Malmö Museum

Malmöhus Castle

The Malmöhus Castle is the oldest remaining Renaissance castle in Scandinavia. It was built in the 15th century, and has been used as a fort, later on as a prison, and finally it became a museum.

The castle, besides collections and temporary exhibitions of the Malmö Museer, houses also a new Aquarium and collection of art ( Konstmuseum, see Art Museum ).

Right across the street, in the Science and Maritime House, there is also a permanent exhibition about the last 150 years of history of Malmö.

The Science and Maritime House

The Science and Maritime House (Teknikens och Sjöfartens hus) presents the maritime history of Scania, development of aviation, steam engines, just to name a few examples. You can also see and experience the U3 submarine here, a very popular feature among children!

There is also an interactive knowledge-park, for young and old who like to do experiments!

The permanent exhibition “The city of all times" is about the last 150 years of history of Malmö.

A Robot Jazz Band (Automatorkester) - a mechanic jazz sextet with a conductor is a recent attraction among the exhibits. The full sized musicians had probably amused clients of a department store in the beginning of 20th century. Now, carefully restored, the orchestra plays "live" on Saturdays (1-2:30 p.m.)

Cog Museum

Cog Museum (Koggmuseet) is one of Malmö's truly international attractions. You will find here two full scale copies of medieval cogs, a kind of oak sailing vessel very common in northern Europe during the Middle Ages. Cogs were plank built, had one mast and square rigged single sail.
The bigger cog, ”Tvekamp af Elbogen” is entire 29 metres long and is a copy of biggest known cog in the world. The wreck of the original was found outside Skanör, 30 km from Malmö.
The other ship, ”Enighet af Elbogen”, is 10 metres shorter and is from approximately 1430.

Outside the museum there is “Malmöya”, an medieval quay environment with a number of sheds, shops and a chapel, where medieval scenes can be re-enacted, all after the concept of ”Living History museum”.

The museum is situated centrally, on Skeppsbron, a short walk from the central station.

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