Malmö has a long history well integrated with modern life and immigration has made Malmö a multicultural centre. Malmö is famous for its parks, make sure you have a stroll in at least some of them, before you leave. You will find out it was very worthwhile.. The Western Harbour is a new - and very chic - district of Malmö, situated by the sea, and build on the former port and industrial land.. Stortorget - Lilla Torg - Gustav Adolf Torg and Möllevångstorget. Malmö Arena is the latest addition to northern Europe’s growing number of modern, multi-purpose concert and event venues...Malmö Arena is the latest addition to northern Europe’s growing number of modern, multi-purpose Hockey and event venues...Several interesting old buildings have been preserved in the very centre of Malmö...

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Öresund Bridge

The Öresund Bridge (called also Øresund Link) opened for traffic in 2000. The bridge is one of the biggest constructions in Europe and consists of an 8 kilometres (5 miles) long bridge, a 4 kilometres artificially made island called Pepparholmen, and a 4 kilometres long tunnel.

The Öresund Region is today one of Europe's most important areas in terms of growth and environment, and the bridge has been a important factor here.

A city tunnel - a railway tunnel that connects stations: Malmö Central, Malmö Triangeln, and Malmö Hyllie with the Öresund link - makes it easier and quicker to travel in the region.

The bridge is unique because it connects two countries. And a travel between Malmö and Danish Copenhagen takes only approx. 20 minutes! 
In the Öresund region, within a radius of about 100 km there are about 3.5 million people.


Prices - private customers

All prices are per single trip and including 25 percent VAT. Currency is euro (EUR).
Car up to 6 metres
BroPas* 14,00 21.00
Cash payment   46.00
EasyGo   44.00
10-trip card (the card costs 337.00**)   33.70

Mobile home over 6 meters, car up to 6 metres with trailer/caravan 
or car 6-9 metres***
BroPas* 28,00  42.00
Cash payment    92.00
EasyGo    92.00
10-trip card (the card costs 337.00**)    67.40

BroPas* 7,00 10.00
Cash payment   24.00
EasyGo   24.00
10-trip card (the card costs 189.00**)   18.90

*) The BroPass agreement includes an ongoing annual subscription of 38.00 EUR.

**) When you purchase a 10-trip card you pay for all 10 trips, e.g. 337/189 EUR. The card is valid for one year. Should you not use all 10 trips within that year, our Customer Service will refund the price of the card minus the cash price of the number of trips you have used plus a fee of 50 DKK.

***) If the car is over 6 meters and the total length of car and trailer/caravan is over 9 meters, the price is according to length - please see our Business prices

****) The short break price "SmutTur" applies until May 31st 2014 for outward journeys made between 5 pm and midnight, Monday to Friday, and all day on weekends and holidays. Whenever you travel, you must make the return journey within six hours of departure. 


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